In clinical-psychological diagnostics, information is collected through conversations, behavioural observation and various test procedures (games, tests, questionnaires) in order to determine whether and in which area problems exist and through which treatment options these can be improved. It is often also important to work out possible causes for the problems and, based on this, to point out possible solutions. Each diagnosis is concluded with a detailed counselling interview. The relevant results of the psychological examination and the treatment options based on them are then summarised in a written psychological report.

At the Children’s Psychology Centre we offer clinical-psychological diagnostics for the following questions:

  • Diagnosis of giftedness and counselling with regard to school and extracurricular support (also in connection with high sensitivity or suspected Asperger’s syndrome).
  • Diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders and counselling with regard to treatment options and integration in kindergarten and school
  • Developmental diagnostics (in the case of possible linguistic or motor developmental delays, or also with regard to early school enrolment or the choice of a suitable school for the child)
  • Dyslexia and dyscalculia diagnostics (with appropriate counselling regarding school and extracurricular support options)
  • Diagnosis of attention and concentration problems
  • Diagnosis of anxiety disorders and self-esteem problems (often in connection with school refusal)
  • Diagnosis of psychosomatic complaints (e.g. chronic headaches, sleeping problems, enuresis/vomiting, eating disorders)
  • Diagnostics and counselling for parenting difficulties

Costs & appointments:

The entire psychological examination including counselling and preparation of a detailed report costs 270€. Autism spectrum examinations only amount to a total of 350€ (including counselling and findings).
Usually a psychological diagnosis needs 2 – 3 appointments.

For questions about this offer and to make an appointment, our registration desk is available by phone from Monday to Friday from 9 am – 1 pm (0660/6683684).