The department for bipolar disorders offers patients and their relatives comprehensive psychological and psychiatric counselling and care on all aspects of bipolar disorders. This is possible in both individual and group settings.
During the clinical-psychological diagnosis, it is checked whether the symptoms described correspond to the criteria of a bipolar disorder. Together, a treatment strategy is developed that includes psychiatric, medicinal and psychological elements in an individual and/or group setting. In addition to a psychoeducation group, this also includes work on stress management strategies and personally relevant topics such as critical life events, which are among the most frequent phase triggers.

Individual setting: initial interview 40€.
Group setting: Free preliminary talk (approx. 20 min.)

Individual and group setting
Please contact Nina Kasacek, MSc.

Psychological University Outpatient Clinic of Sigmund Freud
Private University
Welthandelsplatz 3, 1020 Vienna

Individual setting: income-dependent, from 15 € per unit.
Group setting: 15 € per unit

Registration and contact:
Marilena Schneider, MSc.
Tel.: +43 (01) 798 4098 370

Mr. Prof. Primarius Dr. Christian Simhandl